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The urge to kill myself is actually getting overwhelming..




My last weekend in New York City

amandaburkett SOON
Q: You rock, Britt. You have worked hard for what you have achieved and have gotten far because of that. I'm so proud of you and can't wait to see what adventure you get to go on next :)


asked by rycbaryana10
Q: I don't have a blog on this site, which is why I can only post anonymously. If there is another way for us to communicate in private, please let me know.

Twitter? You mentioned that.
Or email me. Brittanydvorak@hotmail.com

asked by Anonymous
Q: You're working on the Walking Dead?!!!! oh my god what are you doing? that's so exciting!

I’m just a production assistant

asked by Anonymous
Q: I work in PR although not in the film/TV industry. And while you may not agree with what I say, I do hope you at least consider my words. Being proud of yourself is one thing; too much talk about how proud and fortunate you are is another thing entirely. It can and will be seen by people you want to impress and I assure you it will have quite the opposite effect. Best of luck to you.

Seriously. Please come off of anon so I can talk to you privately? And not over anon?

asked by Anonymous
Q: Honestly I wouldn't put too much stock in what these anons are saying. Your blog is your blog, your Twitter account is your Twitter account (and it's hilarious, by the way). If they were giving you legitimate advice they wouldn't be hiding behind some grey face, they'd own up to what they're saying. To me everything they're saying is coming across as trying to tear you down. Don't let them.

You’re awesome. Thank you.

asked by thespookingdead
Q: Referring to the recent comments about your posts, I think you're posts are so meaningful and motivation. In no way does it sound like you're bragging about your experiences. You worked hard for what you have and that's just the truth. For what you have achieved, you can brag all you want but instead you take the chance to tell people that they could reach their dreams too. So if this means anything, as cheesy as it sounds, I hope you keep posting because its definitely motivated me. :D

That means a ton. Thank you so much.

asked by pikaemily