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Everything Has Come Full-Circle

Note: Please do NOT share this on any other mediums other than Tumblr. I know a lot of fan sites will crosspost to Twitter, so I only ask that that not be done.

I literally have no idea how to even start this post, or comprehend everything that happened this weekend at FanExpo. I know I post one of these sappy posts after nearly every convention or surreal experience I have, but this one was truly special to me. More than any other one before. Let me preface this whole thing for anyone who might not know. I am a big fan of David Morrissey, I’ve slowly been getting to know him over the past few months. I also now work on The Walking Dead part-time as a production assistant. I am quite lucky in that one of my really good friends is a guest who attends the same conventions (Vic Mignogna) So, long story short, but David and Vic became friends quickly once David hit the con scene, and I’ve gotten to know him through that. Though I’m quite sure I was only known as “Vics friend/An obvious fan” 

Fast forward a few months, and suddenly David pops up on set to visit friends last week. (I can say that, because he’s mentioned it in several interviews) He saw me on set and genuinely surprised and happy to see me. Came right over and gave me a big hug and asked me lots of questions about how I got here. Suddenly, I’m not known as “Vics friend” anymore. I think I stand alone on my own merit now. He always knew I was wanting to work in this industry, but the last time he saw me I was jobless (and hopeful.) Now we know all of the same people in Georgia and I work on his old show. He knew I’d be at FanExpo the next weekend and we talked about that, and I mentioned that we should grab dinner (Him, Vic, and I) He agreed to it, but I was still not getting my hopes up. 

FanExpo in Toronto is a convention that has always had a special place in my heart. It’s where I met so many friends for the first time. Vic, Aaron, Michele, Janna, Beth, etc. 8 years later and we are all still great friends. I spent, quite literally the whole weekend with David. I wish I could remember everything we talked about, but there were so many conversations that I simply don’t remember them all. Crazy. Saturday afternoon David approaches me and says “Did you get my tweet? I sent you message this morning?” I didn’t, because I was unable to use my phone most of the time. But in the back of my mind I was thinking “He’s tweeting me now! How the tables have turned!”

Come dinner time, David asked us to meet him at his hotel so we could walk him to dinner, because he had no idea where to go. We met up and walked to dinner at the 360 Restaurant in the CNTower. You know, the big fancy one that spins around the Toronto skyline. It’s ridiculous. So here I am, having dinner with one of my heroes. And I cant believe it, the whole time I was there. We talked about everything. Music, his current projects, our experience on The Walking Dead, Late Night television/Conan (Yes, really), Star Trek, etc. It was crazy. We did have a couple fans approach us while we were eating, and he was very kind about it and took pictures with them. Vic paid for both of us, and I jokingly said at the end of dinner “Thanks for dinner. Happy Birthday!” as a joke, because his birthday was 4 days prior. And David says “Every day is like you’re birthday when you’re with Britt.”  I might get that on a shirt.  

I literally have no words to truly express everything that was going on in my head this whole time. Being able to get to know him on a personal level is not something I thought was totally possible, but somehow I did it. He agreed to have dinner with me. And now he knows so much about me. What I’m hoping is that he sees me as someone who would be a viable assets to him in the future. Basically, I’m seeking a bit of a mentorship out of this. He is someone I greatly respect and admire. He is genuine and a hard worker. I want to learn from him. 

Sunday was also a great day, had coffee with David in the morning and talked for a bit. He noticed how tired I was and he asked if I was partying after dinner, and I said yes and that I had slept on a floor that night. And he was like “I know, I saw the pictures online” and I was in such a daze that I fully believed him for a moment and thought I had gotten really reckless the night before and just didn’t remember it (I didn’t). He’s hilarious when he wants to be. He had me laughing nearly the whole weekend.  At the end of the con on Sunday Vic and I walk into the green room with all of his luggage and David looks up and he’s like “What’s in there? All of your hair products”. I congratulated him on that joke. He was quite proud of it. But after that, everyone pretty quickly dispersed as they were catching rides back to the airport. He came over to say goodbye and gave me a big hug and kiss and said “Keep doing great in Georgia, Girl. See you soon” 

I could write a whole novel on this weekend, if I remembered it all. But it was just completely surreal on all levels. To come back to this convention in the way that I did was just completely full circle for me. And I could mention all of the other interactions I had with the other celebrities there, but that really doesn’t mean anything to me.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am so grateful. I don’t know why I am this fortunate, but I do not take it for granted. I’ve gotten to know both of the people who inspire me on personal levels, and while I don’t think my relationship with Conan will progress any further, I’m hoping it does with David. I hope to be working with him a lot in the future. 

And on another sort of unrelated note, I realized how reliant I am on people’s generosity this weekend. Which only motivates me to continue to be kind to people. Nearly every time I go out of town, I rely on people that I’ve met at events to pick me up from the airport, show me around, give me a couch to sleep on, etc. So, always be nice, you never know who you might need help from in the future. 



when i was buying my david morrissey photo op ticket at fan expo last weekend, the guy told me a story about how the previous day, a guy came to the table and asked how to get to the david morrissey photo op location, so he told him distractedly to get into a line and as he was heading to do that,…

"We’re gonna tell them who we are?"

WARNING: Really sappy blog post about my experience this weekend forthcoming. Probably tomorrow.


obviously, no paternity test is needed, governor!
David Morrissey at FanExpo Toronto 2014 via ZomCom  @BabyRotsaLot     

Quite honestly, this is my favorite picture ever. The face says it all. 

Kris Thykier (L) and David Morrissey attend a private screening of Dexter Fletcher’s directorial debut ‘Wild Bill’ hosted by chef Jamie Oliver at The Box Soho on March 14, 2012 in London, England.
(Photo by Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)


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Students from the Sorbonne sit around a table in the Jardin du Luxembourg, c. 1950

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